Heat Press Machines Are Transforming Businesses

Heat Press Machines Provide New Ways of Marketing!

One of the fastest-growing ways that businesses are starting to market themselves is by giving out swag apparel, such as T-shirts, mugs, and mousepads. In the past, businesses would have sold these items at their counter and hope that their customers would buy them. So in essence, they were hoping that they would profit off the marketing, instead of using marketing as a cost to gain sales.

However, this is all changing.

Many businesses are starting to purchase heat press machines so that they can make their own swag to give out to all of their existing customers.

When you have your own heat press machine, it’s almost a negligible cost to produce your own T-shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc. That’s what makes it some of the cheapest form of advertising available.

What’s great, is that you have the ability to handed out to each and every one of your paying and potential customers. So not only are they can have a constant reminder that your business exists in that they were once a patron of your business, but it also gives you the opportunity to reach even more customer base if they are to show their products to their friends and family.

What’s even better for business owners nowadays is that the cost of heat press machines has greatly declined. Decades ago a heat press machine would run you upwards of $1000 or more. Nowadays, you can get the best heat press machines for around $200-$300.

Another cost of heat pressing that has declined is the cost of heat press transfer paper and heat press vinyl. The reason is simple, there’s much more demand for these products. When demand increases than the economies of scale can come into play and then supply will increase.

Let’s go back to how the heat press machine is transforming small businesses.

Small and medium-size businesses often report that marketing is about 40% of their budget. The cost of billboards and television advertisement is incredibly expensive.

After running a few tests, those businesses were to switch over to heat press machine and use that for their advertising, their total marketing budget would only be 20% of expenditures. As you can see, the heat press machine provides a significant cost reduction which will improve the bottom line of all businesses.

This reason, and many more, is why I recommend that all small businesses purchase a heat press machine.