Safe Heat Press Machine Practices

Be Safe When Using A Heat Press Machine

While I know that you’re incredibly eager to start using your new heat press machine, I want to advise you a few words of caution. You need to be very very careful when you’re using a heat press machine. You need to always pay attention to what you’re doing and make sure that your surroundings are safe. You can get very hurt if you aren’t paying attention. Please be careful.

Heat Press Machine Safety Tips

The first thing I want to remind you of is that I heat press uses a high amount of electricity. The last thing you’re going to want to do is open up the panels on the heat press and expose the power supply. Unless you’re an electrician, definitely do not open up your heat press.

The second thing is that heat presses will generally get hot very very quickly. Unlike the oven that you have a home, these things are built to help put out an immense amount of heat a short period of time.

Another reminder when it comes to temperature, is that the majority of heat press machines are going to be operating between the 400 and 450°F range. This would mean that if you were to touch it, you’re probably going to get a third or 2nd° burn.

This should be obvious but please keep your heat press away from any kind of flammables. Not only is the immense amount heat that’s being put out giving the flammable a chance to ignite, but also if there is a short in the machine then there’s going to be sparks and that will ignite.

Probably the most important thing them in it’s all yours that you definitely want to keep this machine away from children. I guess it’s okay if you are doing some heat transferring as a family activity in your kid wants to pull the lever. But you definitely never gonna want to let them use the machine unsupervised. Children simply don’t know better and will want to touch the surface.

Nearly every heat press on the market is going to remain very very hot for a very long period of time. On average it will take about an hour for the machine the cool down. That’s why I want you to keep this machine in a safe place, even after usage.

Speaking of a safe place, you’re gonna want to make sure that you have plenty of space to work with. You don’t want to be using your heat press in a crowded area. When you’re in a crowded area that gives you an increased chance of bumping into something or knocking something over onto the heat press. When you can’t control what you’re doing that’s when accidents happen.

I’ll continue this in part two