Small Business Benefit of Having a Heat Press: Case Study

How Pryor Custom Fly Rods Benefited From A Heat Press Machine

Using a heat press machine is my from a marketing has been one of the better investments that I’ve ever made. To give you guys a bit of a spoiler, this heat press machine has increased my profitability by over 80%. Let me tell you how

Prior to beginning to use a heat press, I had been spending about 70% of my budget on marketing. While this may seem like an astronomical cost, the percentage is higher because I wasn’t taking a salary at the time. The majority of that 70% went to television marketing. I was purchasing time advertisements on the 6 PM and 8 PM news segments. Since of segments are prime time, they cost an arm and a leg. However, that’s when the majority of my customers were viewing television.

I kept sitting with my accountant and no matter which way we ran the numbers we knew that this model is not sustainable. I need to start thinking outside the box.

So I did what a lot of people do when they need to think, I went to the local bar.

When I arrived at the bar I was immediately handed a T-shirt by scantily clad female. I looked at the shirt and it had the name of the bar in their logo on it. Also a slogan about how it’s always a great time. Some kind of innuendo.

While they had just given me a shirt and thought nothing of it, it actually gave me a great realization: I need to start doing this kind of marketing.

I began looking up how I can heat press my own shirts. I looked as to whether it would be more effective if I were to outsource the heat pressing or if I were to do it myself. I decided that I want to have control over it and decide to purchase a heat press machine.

My initial heat press run was about 70 T-shirts give or take. I use a simple heat transfer vinyl in order to my business name, my logo, and my phone number on the shirt. I made sure that there was a lot of emphasis on the logo because I knew that was what was going to draw attention.

I’m also glad that I bought a sublimation heat press machine because my logo needs to be very precise and colorful. After reading many heat press machine reviews I learned that only a sublimation heat press machine is going to give you that precise look that you desire.

Once the first run of T-shirts was done, I started giving them out to all my existing customers. They were a bit shocked at first that they were receiving a T-shirt, but they were very well receptive of it.

Within two weeks accruing out all the teachers I noticed that I was having influx of phone calls. One thing I forgot to mention was that before I started doing the heat press on the T-shirts, I had set up a separate phone number that I only put on that T-shirt. This was so I could track where the calls are coming from.

Wouldn’t you know it that those T-shirts that I made with my heat press machine were generating more business than calls from my business cards and website combined.

Next thing I know I’m making more money than I know what to do it. This is all because of my heat press transfer machine. I highly recommend everyone get one.